Selling Products Online: Benefits Of Creating An Online Store On Facebook

Many prospective, new and accustomed business owners have no idea that they can create an online store on Facebook. It’s entirely true; Facebook enables merchants to build their online store on the platform in minutes and start selling products online. Facebook is a rapidly growing platform. As I write this, Facebook has more than 4 billion subscribers and 1.7 billion active users. That’s an overwhelming number of customers to leverage. Even harnessing just 10, 000 potential customers from Facebook is enough to take your business to the next level. Another benefit of Facebook is that it groups people according to unique commonalities, which means you can easily find where your target customers hang out.

So what is Facebook online store?

Facebook online store commonly referred to as Facebook shop or Facebook store is a platform that allows you to list, sell and market products online. Ideally, Facebook enables you to integrate an e-commerce shop into your Facebook business page and enables customers to check out and buy your products from the same platform.

The moment your Facebook Page is up and running, your integrated online store will appear as a tab on your Facebook page. Shopping on Facebook is as easy as clicking the like button. Facebook also allows you to integrate a shopping cart into your Facebook store using an application called Ecwid.

Facebook online store

Advantages of creating a Facebook store to sell and market products online

1.    It takes a few minutes to set up and start selling products online

Just like building a Facebook account, you can create an elegant and slick Facebook store in a matter of minutes without having web design skills. You don’t even have to worry about hosting your store. Facebook does that for you.

2.    Selling products online using Facebook store is safe

One of the most important factors customers consider before choosing an online store to shop on is the security of their private information. Let’s admit it; in this day and age, credit card information theft and identity theft are at their all-time high. Hackers are savvier than ever, and they can steal customers’ information if your e-commerce store isn’t secure enough. Facebook guarantees the security of your store as they deploy the best technology to keep hackers at bay. So with the Facebook store, buying and checking out process is safe.

3.    You can buy and pay your items inside the Facebooks store

The Ecwid app is integrated into your Facebook store, which means customers can shop and pay for their products without leaving the store.

4.    It’s absolutely free to create an online store on Facebook and start selling products online

Creating a Facebook store with Ecwid is totally free. You won’t have to worry about listing fee, monthly subscription fee or any other charges. Also, there is no limit to the number of products you can add to your store. The only cost you may incur is the taxes applicable to the products you’re selling.

5.    Facebook allows you to sell products online, everywhere

Facebook enables you to add your Facebook store to numerous blogs, websites, including social media platforms and administer it all from a single place. That means customers from every part of the world can access your products. Any adjustments you make to your Facebook store is reflected in real-time across all platforms you’ve tethered it with.

6.    Ready market to start selling products online

With more than 4 billion subscribers and 1 billion active users, the market is assured. Once your store is up and running, you can start sharing your products on Facebook groups and other social media pages like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Soon enough, customers will develop trust in your products and start buying them frequently.

Benefits Of Creating An Online Store On Facebook


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