Weird Things in Your Home that You Can Actually Sell Online

Sell Online

The internet is an incredible cornucopia of products. If you ever want to buy anything, chances are it is being sold online. People make a business out of selling products online which they no longer need. It is a great way to make money and also get rid of stuff lying around the house.

Since you also look up and buy weird things online it is natural that you can also be selling products online of a similar type. By selling your old stuff instead of throwing it out, you are also conserving the environment and being more ecofriendly. This is another motivating factor for those who want to create online store.

There are some incredibly weird and banal things being sold online such as egg cartons, toilet rolls and even pinecones. Listed below are a few things lying around your home that you can sell online.

Empty Wine Bottles

Did you know you can sell empty wine bottles and their cork screws online? People are always looking to buy them for craft projects or decorative purposes. You can charge up to $20 or $30 for 200 corkscrews. Wine bottles are sold for a dollar each but you will have to clean them and wash off the label before they are to be sold online.


Everyone loves discount coupons. You can sell the ones you do not expect to use. These are the ones you get with magazines r in the mail. For high-end and popular retailers you can get away with charging a decent amount. The coupons are nothing but scrap paper to you but could mean huge savings for someone else which is why they will pay to buy them.

Old Software CDs

It is true what they say, one man’s junk is another treasure. People use old CDs to restart their outdated machines. The software is often the missing piece so you can sell them and find a buyer who wants that old version of Windows or computer game.

Empty Makeup Boxes

Old makeup boxes are now considered vintage so you can sell them online. The boxes are often collectibles and the designs are coveted. These boxes are in demand because often you can exchange them for new makeup or a freebie. Those who do not want the free makeup can sell their containers to others for a small sum.